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IMG_3370Let me begin by first welcoming you to Lady P – Personal Trainer, your first step to an improved lifestyle change.

What ever you are looking to achieve, we can do it together to get you there.

For appointments or any queries go to either the Contact page or form, or contact me through

Facebook  Lady P Personal Trainer or Lady P Pole Dance Fitness

Instagram @ladyp_pt  or @ladyppole

 Scan the nametags and go direct

The studio is a unique London inspired, ladies only private studio gym. Which provides one to one training in most areas of fitness. I have experience in the industry since 2002 qualified & insured in all areas. Every client becomes a friendship as we work towards your goals.

About the trainer

For more information on Personal Training  options & Classes available keep scrolling & follow the links.

Online Training is now Available from 20 minute workouts to 60 minutes, including all Classes contact here for more info.

Personal Training

For all ages, all abilities.

Tailored Personal training plans to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to boost your general fitness, run a marathon or to simply loose a few extra pounds i’ll make the plan for you. Now available online too.

Contact today for a complimentary consultation & fitness test.


I provide classes throughout the week covering various activities including

  • Core & Flexibility I recommend this to everyone it’s great for good posture & well being
  •  Pole fitness the ultimate dance workout for a strong core, great cardio session & having fun whilst feeling fit!

Other activities are also on offer see Classes for more details.

Pole fitness

Pole fitness is the ultimate way to get in shape, tone up & increase your core strength.

All spaces are limited to availability, and all classes are one to one for maximum progress

Fueling and refueling


Qualified in nutrition since 2001 & sports nutrition since 2017 i provide plans to keep you going before, during and after a workout , or a guide into a sucessful diet. These are included in my  4-12 week Personal Training Plans or can be bought separately a guide on how to eat before and after training.

Recipes & Meal plans

Free delicious healthy and nutritious Recipes that are quick to make.

I also provide tailor made weekly Meal plans

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