January detox juice

This great mix , is quick and simple to make! All you have to do is pick up a few ingredients from your local store and your on your way to a great belly fat reducing, ultimate hydration and fantastic detox drink.

Reduces belly fat , provides ultimate hydration and detox, just what we all need after the winter holidays.


You will need

  • Cucumber- brilliant for re-hydration, also contains good source of fibre
  • Ginger – stimulates digestion, with many detox properties
  • Lemon- contains cleansing properties & detoxify
  • Mint- aids digestion and add a fresh taste.

Make 1.5- 2 Litres water

Then add

  • 1 medium cucumber or half large sliced thinly
  • 1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger
  • 1 lemon sliced thin
  • 10-12 fresh mint leaves

Mix with a spoon and leave in the fridge for 5-8hrs.

Take out the lemon and cucumber when ready to drink and enjoy.

Continue to drink 1 jug every day throughout January, and see and feel the benefits!



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