7 day core & flexibility workout

Core workout day 1

Here I have put together some exercises to improve core strength, flexibility & balance

Strengthening the core is key to wellbeing, when the core is strong we hold ourselves better and feel more positive. Our posture is more correct we feel taller & stronger, fitter & healthier. Ready to face the day , week & months ahead.

These exercises are more advanced in some areas although it is a good place to build & work towards.

Progress can come fast with practice


If you have had any spinal injuries or problems in the past do not perform these exercises & check with your practitioner before attempting any exercise.



Build up to the repetitions, this is just a guide to help you progress. Always listen to your body & do an amount you are comfortable with.

For a more guided & tailor made program visit Personal training plans or join one of our Core & Flexibility Classes

See you tomorrow for day 2 of core & flexibility !


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