7 day core & flexibility workout


Core Workout Day 2

Its all about plank


Here in this section of day 2 of the core workout we have 3 variations of planking.

These techniques are something to build to. Work on holding the position first, then when performed correctly and with ease side plank & extended side plank can be progressed & put into repetitions. Performed as fast or as many as your body will allow.

Planking is a quick and effective way of strengthening the core when performed correctly.


Progression in plank for ultimate core strengthening


Try holding the basic plank position for 20 seconds , don’t drop the pelvis or lift the pelvis too high keep your body inline , repeat then hold 2 more times.

Next with side plank or extended side plank cross you foot in front of the other from plank position, take your arm up and chest forwards not down. Start with practicing basic side plank first, try to hold your body there for the count of 5, return to plank and repeat on the other side.

When comfortable in side plank progress to extended side plank repeating the same as  before but lift up on your hand  starting from press up position.


Core Strengthening


This is just a guide and can be increased or decreased to your ability of fitness, progression will come over time so listen to your body.

I have showed here full press up, but this exercise can be performed on the forearms like the plank position, just lower the knees to the floor and cross ankles for a more simple variation.

When performing press ups try to bring the chest as low to the floor as possible before pressing up, to achieve a true press up. Don’t worry if you can only manage 1 or 2 at first, we all start somewhere and strength will come with practice.

Lastly I have added a few stretches give these a try after your workout.

Follow in sequence and repeat as many as you feel. Alternate legs in downward dog (last picture) & for the extra stretch try to drop you heels to the floor , look towards your thighs and lift the hips up!

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See you tomorrow for more flexibility and poses !


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