7 Day Core & Flexibility Workout


Day 4 Core workout

Open up the hips , with this hip flexor pattern

Heres a sequence of stretches to pratice.  I have broken it down into 3 parts for a simpler way to follow. Once practiced you can link the whole sequence.

As a large amount of our daily life involves sitting either in the car or by the desk its imported to not neglect opening our hips. The more we sit the more tight & stiff we become. By practicing these exercises we can correct & mobilze the hips, which then in turn will relieve lower back pain.

For the first part of the exercise i have used a wide forward standing bend. This gives a great stretch for lengthening the hamstrings whilst activating the inner leg.


Stand with legs at a wide but comfortable distance apart, feet facing forwards. Bend through the hips not through the waist. (Lift arms out to the side first, then above your head & reach forwards for a deeper stretch) 

Hold onto both ankles or calves, then hold with both hands each leg alternating.

Come back to centre & stand bringing your legs back together.


Flexibility Stretches part 2

Hips don’t lie



The second part of the sequence can be joined whilst in standing bend, by turning the left or right foot out whilst turning the opposite foot in!

Your body will naturally twist.

Place your hands down next to the foot turned out, and place the back knee to the floor into a kneeling lunge.

Place hands onto your front leg ,lift chest up & back straight. Now push forwards for an added Stretch. You can now come out of the stretch by straightening the back leg and stepping forwards then reapeat on the opposite side.

Or to link into the third stretch.

Straighten the back leg hold.. bring the back knee back to floor.

Start to slowly turn both feet to the front, keeping your body over the front foot. Keep balance on the front toes, you want your bended knee to be pointing out over the toes, the opposite leg should be extended with knee and toes pointing up with your heel to the floor.

Lift you chest , sit into this position & hold.

To change side, we are going to do reverse… Lift up & over to mirror the last position, taking the body to the opposite side & Hold. (follow the pictures for guidence)

Turn towards the bended knee placing hands to the floor, Back into a kneeling lunge. (Front foot flat & back foot flexed with the back knee to floor.) 

Place your hands onto the front leg, shoulders back & chest out then lean forwards.

Place hands back to floor extend & stretch the back leg…Hold. Back to kneeling lunge turn to the front bring you body to the middle and slowly come to standing.

This seqeunce of exercises can be difficult to follow at first. Break it down into the 3 parts to start with, & keep following the pictures for guidence. These stretches may feel awkward at first but keep practicing & in no time at all you will have nailed it!

The benefits of opening the hips is something we all need.

See you tomorrow for day 5 & more flexibility!

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