7 Day Core & Flexibility Workout

DSC_0144.JPGDay 5 Core Workout

Today we focus on balance.

In our busy lives, it’s always good to find that time to focus our minds away from everyday things.

Centering ourselves & taking away the million & one things we have to do or have done, can be very beneficial if only for a few minutes a day.

In this first exercise of stretches we have tree pose.

Find a place and focus on something infrount of you.

Ground your feet into the floor, then bring one foot of the ground & place either at the side of the calf or inner thigh. Not on the knee (help to place the foot with your hand for support)

Now starting with your arms to the side, bring your arms out & really reach up! Finishing with both arms above your head. Keep focus infront of you.

Breath in & out through your nose deep breaths, & keep stretching upwards. you have no option but to focus & balance in this pose. Don’t sit in the hips in this pose keep lengthening your body up.

If you wobble, try to focus a little more, but don’t worry too much. For more of a stretch bring the hands together.

Or for more of a challenge on your balance, bring the foot around the balancing leg & link your arms above.


core & flexibilty part 3


Bridge pose is a great energy booster & a great one for working the glutes. Progress slowly into bridge.

First lay down on your back & bring your feet towards your bum.

Using your arms into the floor for stability, start to lift the pelvis up, lift as high as you can then squeeze the glutes. Bring the pelvis down slowly by first curling the back to the floor , starting from top middle then  lastly your lower back to floor, In that sequence.

Repeat bridge , & try to lengthen the time you hold the pelvis up, lifting high as possible. If comfortable you can place your hands underneath onto your lower back to increase the lift. Then slowly come back down to the floor.

To progress in bridge pose, you can bring your hands up next to your head & push up. Tilting your head towards your shoulder blades for the full stretch.

For more of a challenge lift up onto toes.

I recommend only doing this if your are experience in bridge pose & confident you have acheived the flexibility & strengh to perform this pose safely & correctly. Or have guidence from a physical trainer to spot you through the transition.

Watch out tomorrow for part 6 of this 7 day workout routine

If you missed the rest & found this useful go check out 7 Day Core & Flexibility Workout

Or follow this page.

Happy to help you feel fitter & flexible !  :0)

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