7 Day Core & Flexibility Workout


Day 6 Core Workout

Continuing on day 6 of our core strenthening workout plan, i have choosen these three excersises for you to try. Each exercise will target the abs, glutes whilst also opening the chest & relieving tension on the back.

Take 5 & give these a try!

For the first exercise Star pose. Lay onto your back, bring one knee into your chest & hold. Extend the same arm as leg out to the side onto the floor at shoulder height. Look towards this hand (and keep looking) then with the other hand bring your knee down to the opposite side so you feel a stretch in your waist and hips. Work towards bringing the knee to the floor, with your head looking out towards your extended arm. Now bring the knee back to center & repeat on the opposite side.

core flexibility part 4.jpg

Now for the next exercise turn onto your front bringing your ankles towards your bum, reach back to hold onto each foot or ankle.

If this stretch is difficult at first , use a resistance band or towel to to hook over you feet and pull towards you to acheive the stretch.

Lifting your chest & head off the floor, try to then lift your knees from the ground. This can be just slightly at first, then with practice be progressed into a high lift.

Now try to rock forwards & backwards (like a rocking horse) on your stomach.

Massaging the abs whilst working the glutes opening the chest & stretching the back, with a maximum quad stretch.

That’s multitasking !

The last stretch the Cobra is a great all rounder. Opening your chest & heart, working the glutes strenthening the arms, & a great stretch for the waist & back.

Start by laying on your stomach head to the ground, hands under shoulders.

Slowly start to lift your nose, chin & stretch the neck of the floor, opening the chest. Keep the shoulders back, push chest out! (squeeze the shoulder blades together)

Keep pushing forwards & up until your arms are fully extended.

Feel your chest expand, your tummy & back stretch.Hold

Little extra – Squeeze you bum !

You should definely feel the benefits of this move.

Come slowly back down in reverse, tummy chest head to the ground.Repeat as many reps as you feel.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Look out tomorrow for the last exercise in the 7 Day Core & Flexibility Workout

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