7 Day Core & Flexibility Workout


Day 7 Core Workout

For the last day of the 7 Day Core & Flexibility Workout i have choosen this pattern of stretches.

Its a great one for working the abs +core strength & flexibilty.

Find an empty wall which you can walk your feet up.

core & fleibility part 5

Start by sitting faced to the wall & bring your bum as close to the wall as possible.

Lay down on you back arms at the side, bend your knees & place your feet on the wall. Start to slowly walk your legs up the wall so your pelvis & lower back start to lift from the ground, use your arms into the floor.

Keep walking the feet up, until your back is lifted from the floor. You can come down from this position by slowly walking the feet back down the wall, curling the back down as you go.

Or try to take one leg back as far as you can (hold on to your back to help) bring back to the wall & alternate legs. Keeping the top of your arms planted to floor. Do not move the head or neck whilst in this position.

If comfortable take both legs back or have someone to spot you until you are comfortable with the move.

Now you can either bring one leg then the other back to the wall & curl down to the floor or bring the kness towards the head, then extend the legs to touch your toes to the floor behind your head.

Hold this position.

Now lift the legs back up & bring legs one by one back to the wall then curl back down to the floor.

For a variation you can hold the legs straight up when bringing the legs back. By holding onto your back & sqeezing the glutes.

Be careful when practicing this exercise remember not to move you head or neck whilst your back is lifted from the floor.

Test your strength & ability

Always listen to your body, progression comes with practice.

You’ll find all of this 7 day core & flexibility workout from Day 1 – Day 7 on our Blog page.

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