Personal training plans

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My 4-12 week training plans are tailor made for you to achieve your fitness goals. I cover all ages and abilities whatever you are looking to acheive we are here to get you there.

Now available online too , so you can follow wherever you are!

Whats included?

  • Complimentary consultation & Fitness assesment (with no obligation to join).
  • Overview with 4-12 weeks planned, personalized to you & your goals.
  • Basic nutrition guide.
  • Personalised fueling & refueling specifically made to you , your body needs & requirements (updated every 4 weeks as progressed).
  • Weekly exercise plan to follow, progressed & monitored each week.
  • 1 PT session a week, in your home at our studio/gym , or online video.
  • Measurements + BMI & BMR results, every 4 weeks, to monitor progress.
  • Fitness test every 4 weeks to see your progression.

 Our plans really are value for money at a price you can afford.

For or more information about our 4-12 week training plans, please fill in the form below, & receive a complimentary consultation and fitness test.

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