Pole fitness

Hi I’m Nikki my aim is to train and have fun doing it! IMG_3370

Join in with the fun! Pole fitness is the ultimate all over body workout, whilst strengthening your core and improving your flexibility, with this workout you tone up every inch of your body.

Not only will you enjoy yourself, watch your self confidence grow as you learn how to move like a vixen!



I now have one to one pole dance fitness classes run every Monday-Friday between 9am 8.30pm All classes are private one to one training, or join with a friend & have double the fun!

Appointments can be made to suit you with 4 spaces available each day.

Book appointments in advance if needed as some times & days are more popular and can not be guaranteed.

Regular slots can be made if available

Beginner One to one training or pair up with a friend, for maximum progression in learning over 80 moves and routine workouts

          Advanced classes are available

Learn advanced tricks, links & routines choreographed & freestyle it ! Improve your technique, your ability to push the boundaries & feel sexy !

Classes run every day Monday to Friday and private bookings can also be made at an extra cost of £5 on Saturday and Sunday to check availability or book you space please use the contact form below.

Or visit Lady P – Pole Dance Fitness on Facebook \ @ladyppole on instagram

Or just scan the nametag & go direct


Girls just want to have fun!

Double up with a friend,  a great way to get fit & have a fun workout together. Each will have your own pole so no sharing or waiting around to get maximum results out of your workout.


Complete the form below to book your next class.

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