7 day core & flexibility workout


Core workout day 3

In day 3 of our core & flexibility i have put together these 2 exercises for you to try.

The benefits of stretching our bodies and holding the stretch, can have a massive effect on our mind & bodies.

It can change the way we feel, strenthening the mind aswell as working all muscle groups. This changes how we feel and hold ourselves throughout the day for a more positive and powerful attitude towards everyday life.

Performing these body weight stretches correctly can improve posture significantly, as well as targeting internal organs for a healthier you inside & out.


A healthier more postive you


The first exercise can be uncomfortable in the begining , as we dont naturally take this position thoughout day to day life. Although this has great benefit in releasing tension providing a great stretch in the waist & hips, with practice it does become easier and progression comes fast if performed on a regular basis.

Please do not attempt this exercise if you have had any spinal injuries in the past, and consult your practitioner before attempting any exercise

To perform the basic side stretch stand with your feet a good distance apart (wider the shoulders) turn one foot out other facing forwards, bring arms out to the side shoulder height and lean slighty to the side of the foot facing out.

Make sure you pelvis stays facing forwards at all times throughout this stretch. Tilt your arms until they are in a vertical postion your hand should finish infrount of you calf. Keep you chest lifted & forwards and be aware of you hips that they are still facing forwards and not twisted.


Tip : Squeeze the top of the back


flexibilty stretches part 1.jpg

When comfortable with this pose for more progression for a larger stretch, bend the knee and try to lower hand to the floor or ankle, again chest forwards and hips forwards.

Bring the arm over the side of you head for more stretch keeping it inline with the body not infrount (in line with your ear) chest & hips forwards.

Complete on both sides.

The warrior pose has to be one of my favourites, this pose leaves you feeling strong from the inside.

It opens your heart & lungs whilst working every muscle group.


Feel the benefits, feel courageous!


Stand with feet wide one foot pointing out, lift arms to shoulder height, keep hips & chest facing forwards now lower your weight to the side on the leg facing out.

Tuck your pelvis & look towards your hand in the direction you moved.

Keeping your chest forwards & lifted, your pelvis forwards & tucked. Hold this postion breath in & out through the nose, deep breaths.

For more intensity try to drop down more into this position.

Repeat on opposite side.

For more Core & Flexibility please visit our Blog page & follow this post for Day 4 of the 7 day core & flexibility workout

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